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Eucalyptus Stoneware Baskets PDF Print E-mail

Gorgeous, Functional, A New Family Heirloom


This small pottery is located near San Diego, adjacent to the San Dieguito River. The baskets are 100% American handmade, and available from retailers such as Williams Sonoma, Longaberger, Villeroy & Boch as well as gourmet and gift shops across the U.S., Although the company is truly a national treasure, it prides itself in in its "small town" image, enhanced by its personal customer service.

These oven to table serveware baskets are available in 16 colors and various shapes. The base of the basket will retain heat for quite a long time, while the basket's "weave"" will cool off after a few minutes to comfortably pass around the table.

Eucalyptus Stoneware has been made famous by appearances in popular Hollywood movies, such as "American Beauty" and "Julie and Julia", as well as many television commercials.

What a wonderful gift to treat yourself or your Yom Tov host.
In addition to using these to serve challah, bread and rolls, these are spectacular baskets for serving fruit. Yes, we know what you're thinking, perfect for pomegranates and this year's new fruit.

    • Baskets can be warmed in a pre-heated to 350 -375 degree oven. The basket should be fully heated in about 15 minutes, but can remain in the oven until time to serve the bread.
    • Airy weave keeps fruit fresh
    • Retains heat and helps keep bread warm longer
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Lead free glaze
    • Hand-made American Stoneware

Eucalyptus Stoneware Baskets are available in multiple shapes, styles, and colors. Eucalyptus Stoneware was founded in 1974 by California artisan, John Laver.

To purchase these georgous baskets:  Eucalyptus Stoneware.
Visit for more information.

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